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I have worked on audio mastering projects since 1986.
Mastering requires both technical and creative insight.
The latter is often forgotten in favour of the technical parts.
An audio mastering engineer must be aware of what the artist wants to express.

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Albums mastered at EARLabs



Standard fee for mastering a CD is 300 USD or 250 euros. Same counts for vinyl (yes, I do vinyl and better than most).
If this exceeds your budget don’t let this prevent you from contacting me.
If you have an interesting project or idea then we will certainly work things out.
Once we start off, we don’t stop until you’re satisfied. Having your music mastered by someone else is ALWAYS a good idea.
I can provide DDP masters if your pressing plant prefers those (35 USD extra fee)


If you have only one track then the fee is 50 USD for the first 5 minutes.
Following periods of 5 minutes are 25 USD.



If you want to re-release your back catalogue I can restore and remaster.
I have done various projects where I work with tape material and restore it back to live.
Artist examples are Scanner, Merzbow, Pierre Henry, Severed Heads and SPK.


If you own a LABEL please contact me so we can discuss special rates.

CONTACT me about any comments or questions that you have !!


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