earlabscroppedAfter years of composing music, reviewing music, helping colleagues, and discussing technology in 2010 I decided to go headfirst into the rabbit hole of audio mastering. Not as a super commercial enterprise but with a keen eye on the artistic values of the music that I still work with today. You can read extensively about that here.

Contact me if you want to know more. In the mean time you are invited to read the interview that was conducted in 2012 but which is still valid today.

I also added a snippet to Jim Jarmusch's music
I also made a small contribution to Jim Jarmusch’s music in Only Lovers Left Alive

Mastering is not a ‘dark art’ like some people think but it is a skill, a craft, that requires many hours of practice. Mastering works on the borders of technology and creativity. The tech part can be learned. Physics, psycho acoustics on one hand and knowing how to work with these aspects on the other. Equally important is an open attitude towards the intentions of the artist. Understanding what he/she is looking for and translating that into the sound.

Although sometimes it’s not possible (e.g. because of distance or because the artist is already deceased) I love to get in touch with the artist personally.

Production advice is sometimes the pre-cursor of a mastering project. If you are not sure whether or not your music is ready for the final stage, then please contact me. I usually ask for a small fee and should afterwards decide to have me master the music I will deduct these costs from the mastering fee.

In 2014 I remastered and restored 10 albums by Pierre Henry
In 2014 I remastered and restored 10 albums by Pierre Henry

Restoration of ancient stuff is quite fun but also quite time consuming. I have done many projects, being the main mastering engineer for Vinyl On Demand the famous German label, releasing music from earlier days. If you are contemplating the release of old music, a tape that was originally released in the 50s, 60s, etc. let me know and I can give you advise about the possibilities and potential costs.