Tapage & Espoir – descended hope

DateSeptember 2023

‘DESCENDED HOPE’ explores the edge of abstraction. as sonic identities are slowly mutilated through an abstracting metamorphosis, tipping points are crossed, causing the sounds to mutate beyond recognition. upon the transgression of these delineations, what ensues is nothing short of a novel paradigm wherein signals undergo a transition into a state of degradation, ultimately assuming the characteristics of noise. within this auditory milieu of noise, novel manifestations surface, characterized by a grinding and eclectic nature. these manifestations bear resemblance to the kafkaesque, as they undertake a profound transmutation of the entirety of sensory perceptions.

TAPAGE & ESPOIR is norwegian / dutch duo consisting of tijs ham and roald van dillewijn. collaborating since 2010 in many different forms and shapes, from music to audio-visual sculptures. the core of their projects consists of abstract sounds, drones, ambient and noise, all made with self-designed instruments and guided by structured improvisations. their sold-out debut album ‘poetic infomercial experimentalism’ released in 2015 on moving furniture records was followed up in 2019 by the ambitious project ‘crossfade tapes’ where the album ‘bumblebee amateurism’ was accompanied by two solo releases: ‘ecdysis’ by tapage and ‘digging for oscillation’ by espoir, on triple cassette tape. with descended hope, tapage & espoir leave the old days of the cassette behind with their first release on vinyl on ant-zen. 


released September 8, 2023

TAPAGE & ESPOIR – retracted decision [official video]

mastered by jos smolders at earlabs
artwork by stefan alt