Production advice

Not sure about your project?

Sometimes you’re not sure whether you’re there or not. In that case it’s wise to have a pro have a listen to your music. An objective ear can tell you where to make final tweaking to get it right.

You send me the material after which we make an appointment to discuss my thoughts. I prefer to do this via a video conferencing tool (Facetime, Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc). Usually we have a chat in which we hone in on the issues that you encounter and try and find a route for you to continue towards a great result!

The fee for this service is 50 euro (65 USD) per hour. Typically a conversation takes about an hour, sometimes a little longer. Should you later decide to have me master the music, then the fee for the first hour will be deducted from the quote I give you. After all, I’ve done some research for the mastering process already!