Audio restoration

I have extensive experience in the restoration of old material. When you don’t have the original master of the earlier project we work with various sources to get the best source material available (world wide) and work from there.

The available source material is digitized, analyzed and restored digitally with high resolution software. I have access to professional reproduction equipment for the digitization of any format. I have been for years the mastering engineer for Vinyl On Demand, a label specialized in the re-release of early 1980s music. That job has given me extensive experience in this area. More recently I have worked for Art Into Life (JP), Blutzeit (NL) and Metaphon (B).

As you can understand there is no fixed price tag for this sort of operations. Every restauration project starts at a different level. So we first figure out how to come to a digital copy to work on.

My standard hourly fee for this work is 55 euros. Usually after you contact me we have an online discussion about the project. My experience is that usually it takes some 1 to 2 hours work. So that gives you a ballpark. Sometimes I need to go to a different studio to digitize and then things can become costly.

Bottom line is, however, to just ask me for advice. Advice is free.

Examples of my restauration work