Audio mastering

A mastering project includes a personal intake (after your initial e-mail), a quote if there are additional wishes, a few testrenders and a final master. I deliver masters that are tuned to your goals.

It depends on what you want to achieve with the music. I can help you fix technical issues. Sometimes I suggest you go back again to fix something in the mix, but I can also take that responsability (when we agree on the price).

It also depends on where you want your music to excel, vinyl, cd, streaming, even cassette. A vinyl album requires slightly different master than a CD album. And streaming platforms have specific sound levels that are best taken care of already in the master.

Stem mastering

Sometimes you’re not so sure about your mix. Perhaps you’re in doubt about how to fix something muddy, or there was this specific sound while you were recording but you can’t get it out in the final mix. In that case you can send your tracks as stems to me and I take it from there. We listen together and talk about the issue. Is it something simple? I give you advice.

Does it require more trickery than you can manage yourself? Then I do a so called stem mastering. Just to be sure you get the optimal album.

Contact me for a personal quote about stem mastering.