Orphax & Kenneth Kirschner – Movement

ClientMoving Furniture Records
DateMay 2024

The first time I encountered the music of Kenneth Kirschner must have been in 2002 or 2003, when the label 12k had an online series of releases under the name “term.” Since then, I have been following Kenneth’s music and collecting various of his CD releases, as well as downloading many of his works directly from his website or from various netlabels. After doing a couple of remixes of his work, one of which was released as part of “Imperfect Forms: The Music of Kenneth Kirschner,” an expansive multimedia project about his work from Tokafi, the thought of working with him always stayed in the back of my mind. After releasing my 7” Piano Music in 2019, I decided to email Kenneth to propose a collaboration. And here we are.

“Movement” is a work based on various piano sketches by Kenneth, which I edited, added synthesizer and organ, and mixed. We chose the title “Movement” for this work with the idea that the music is continuously moving and never really stands still. It is also a reference to classical music, where a composition can be built up from different movements. Our work has something similar, and consists of 5 different movements coming from multiple piano sketches (often combined).

– Sietse van Erve / Orphax, March 24, 2024