Martijn Hohmann – Gaandeweg

ClientMartijn Hohmann
DateMay 2024

– a suite in five eustatic movements –

The Dutch word “Gaandeweg” can be translated as “along the way” or “gradually”. It implies progress or movement over time, often in a gradual or continuous manner.


released May 1, 2024

All compositions: processed fieldrecordings and soft-synths by Martijn Hohmann. Atmosphere features Richard van Dellen on trumpet and was mixed at Tempel Studio.
Mastered by Jos Smolders at Earlabs studio.
Design by Universaalkunst.

Cryosphere was previously released in 2023 on mini CDr as part of the Ant-Arctic Anti-Record.

Each CD box has a circular territory pasted on the lid, these were cut from a copy of the 1921 Cassels New Atlas. “A Geographical Survey of the New Era…”

Every box is therefore different and unique.
For an overview the option to choose a favorite please visit:

The booklet contains the 1921 short story ‘Satan of Thought’ by Andrej Platonov.
Printed on Biotop and hand-bound tête-bêche with texts in Russian and Dutch. An English translation is added in the download.