Gareth Davis & Monika Bugajny – On Becoming

ClientMoving Furniture Records
DateApril 2024

On ‘becoming,’ clarinettist Monica Bugajny and bass clarinettist Gareth Davis explore the idea of slow moving harmony in a serene world of undulating sound.

The duo entwine single sustained tones, allowing the resonant overtones of their instruments to envelope and expand in a search for resolve. Clarinet sonorities, passing chords, and fragments drifting towards distortion in cycles of subtle change that loose the sense of time while expanding with each return.

The instruments question their sense of singular identity, fusing and dissolving into themselves with each interconnected vibration. What emerges is a depth of listening, a music of quiet contemplation and energy.

Bugajny and Davis met through the world of modern classical music, something which can be heard to great effect on Bugajny’s recent release ‘Recytle’ with Machinefabriek. Yet ‘becoming’ finds itself in the realms of drone, ambient, and new age. The music is grounded in early minimalist aesthetics of composers like La Monte Young and Phill Niblock, but also shares the sensibilities of contemporary artists like Duane Pitre, Sarah Davachi, Brian Eno and Ellen Arkbro.