Elif Yalvac – Vection

ClientMoving Furniture Records
DateApril 2024

Ever since my childhood, women artists have been particularly inspiring to me. It started with rock music and electronica, evolving into where I am today.
When I first listened to “L’Île re-sonante”, it changed my world. That a woman created this and pioneered something timeless was mesmerising for me. I love this piece so much that I dedicated a whole episode to it on my podcast with Jono Podmore – Talk to the Chip: www.mixcloud.com/talk_to_the_chip/talk-to-the-chip-episode-3-l%C3%AEle-re-sonante-%C3%A9liane-radigue/
The sonorities and harmonics that gradually evolve into a beautiful ethereal world of sounds with ARP 2500 and field recordings – simple but also sophisticated.
Then I further delved into the work of Eliane Radigue. She had been creating ambient electronic music long before the term “ambient” was coined. That she is still around us is such a valuable thing and we should all make her feel that. I am honoured to contribute to this even if it is little – the little I can do by getting inspired and creating a work as part of a series that has her name in it. It is truly an honour. Her music and approaches keep on inspiring mine. I am grateful that she exists.

Track titles have references to sky objects and physical phenomena as well as events that affect me in my life as I observe my environment, while listening to the sounds, sometimes alongside music such as those created by Radigue herself. These include dramatic facts and stories that happen to some sky objects. Each track is connected to one another. In this manner, they make a whole track together as in a concept album. I do not use a lot of equipment when I make music. I like to keep my setup minimal and make the best of limitations, pushing the boundaries. In doing so, I used my own Max/MSP patches to process the sounds usually with granular synthesis, FM synthesis, and wavetable synthesis. I also used my Game Boy and electric guitar as my main instruments. There are also glimpse of field recordings blended with music. My absolute pitch means that I hear musical sounds in anything I hear or listen to and this influences my approach to field recording and everyday sounds, which is something I tried to capture in this album.

— Elif Yalvaç