Zeno van den Broek – Breach

‘Breach testifies to the blackened sounds of tectonic shifts shaking the worn habits of society’s nature and nurture. NOW! blares from metal screens. As stability is a long-lost illusion and equilibrium stands at odd angles, Breach screams: Come out and play. Offers on billboards: Tables filled to the brim, a riot in excess. Over there! Look, out of the window: The movement of revolutions per minute in a rapidly changing landscape where as below so above can very well be the next trending hashtag for barricade-progressive action. If not thought.

Breach sloganeers: Your anger is a gift. Breach unleashes: What was kept pent up, creeping slow like glacier ice, but advancing surely as the scorching lava that entombed Herculaneaum. Leaving behind the spiked blast of unloading, Breach does not represent — fashions disruptive events: compositions of chaos in flux. Breach breathes the frantic fumes and pulsates with the moving noises of electromagnetic rebels in the streets:
This, the density of today. For Breach is manifest.’