Perfect Vacuum – I Must Not Think Bleak Thoughts

DateAugust 2019

Recorded at Klangendum, Worm Studios Rotterdam, Beefy & Figaro’s London and The Kingdom, Finland
Use of The Combinex provided by the staff scientists of The University Of Waikato
Mixed at SoftSubmarine, Berlin, Germany & Renewsound, Sofia, Bulgaria
Recording Engineers: Pete ‘The Fink’ Dijkstra and Lulu O’Hara
Produced by Wim Dekker (Blowpipe) and Lukas Simonis (Worm)
mastered by Jos Smolders
Special thanks: Henk Bakker & all at Worm

Note: any ‘real world’ sounding instruments used in this recording were deconstructed using sine wave analysis and recombinated using the advanced additive techniques of The Combinex
Lukas exclusively uses Strymon pedals