Marieke van de Ven & Hans Kulk – Lijn 14

ClientHans Kulk and Marieke van de Ven
DateFebruary 2024

“A line is a dot that went for a walk.”
Paul Klee

This visual idea of an origin in a point that moves in time and space and transforms into lines, planes and spaces forms the inspiration for the recordings and composition for LIJN 14.
The basic recorded sound material was produced by an adaptation of a system originally developed by Jaap Vink, a Dutch technician and composer at the Institute of Sonologie around 1970, to the equipment of Willem Twee Studios studio 1 in ’s-Hertogenbosch.
This rich and diverse sound palette crystallized into compositions Hans Kulk and Marieke van de Ven created in their own studios. LIJN 14 is a release with six different but complementary compositions that can be experienced as a field trip into a space of sounding points, lines and movement.

LIJN 14 will also be available as a limited cassette release of 25 specially designed and handmade sleeve boxes by visual artist Dineke van Oosten.