Machinefabriek ao – Prisma+

ClientRutger ZUydervelt
DateMarch 2022

Prisma was released in September 2021. Since it’s so different from all my other music, I offered it as a free download. Some people liked it, some others didn’t. But for me this rhythmical experiment felt like a succes. And although I didn’t necessarily wanted to make more in the same vein (there’s already so many ideas in these 17 minutes), I felt that it could be expended somehow. So I asked a few artists the I highly admire to do a rework of the piece. Matt Wand, Nick Storring, and Phil Maguire all did an amazing job with their highly idiosyncratic takes on Prisma. The result is the album Prisma+, which is now available digitally on on compact disc.

In Matt Wand’s words: “two epics on the outside like bread, the Dub Tactile filling and my bits like spicy mayo and relish smeared in between the layers.”



released March 3, 2022

Track 1 constructed by Rutger Zuydervelt, August/September 2021

Tracks 2 and 4 reconfigured by Matt Wand, recorded at Dicky’s Skull

Track 3 (re)recorded and engineered by Nick Storring at his home studio, using elements from the original piece to activate various (acoustic) sympathetic resonances

Track 5 reworked by Phil Maguire

Mastered by Jos Smolders at EARLabs


Matt Wand:
Nick Storring:
Phil Maguire: