Gagi Petrovic – dp​[​a] + hsh

dp[a] + hsh is the debut album for composer Gagi Petrovic.

The album consists of two projects that were unrelated until now: dp[a] + hsh.

Concept dp[a]
Dysprosody is a very rare speech disorder that can manifest itself in several ways, such as unconventional changes in pitch, volume and rhythm while talking. This could be seen as a nuisance and unwanted deviation on established ways of communication, or as a new opportunity for truly expressing oneself. This is the result of my first attempt on the latter.

Concept hsh
The word Haschoema means ‘shame on you’ and is used in the Moroccan community when someone’s behaviour is inappropriate – especially if that someone is a woman. This single word expresses an understanding, a feeling and a certain tension.

When choreographer Mouna Laroussi from Dansmakers Amsterdam commissioned me to write music for her dance duet revolving around this theme of social control, my assignment became clear: to capture oppression.