Das Synthetische Mischgewebe – Les Troubles

DateOctober 2021

Pentiments makes its first foray into the 7 inch format with a new and vivid work by the indefatigable French sound artist Guido Hübner, AKA Das Synthetische Mischgewebe. Borrowing its title from the identically named epistemological text “Le Trouble” by French polymath Francois Dagognet, the two-part work puts forth an intricate and compacted compendium of the electromechanical vocabulary that DSM has made his calling card. Contained within are deft-handed tradings back and forth of various bristling, jagged and flatulent objects, some devised via manners of brute bricolage and others constituting even finer filigrees that seem to crystallize and disintegrate in matters of seconds. One might indeed argue that the concision of the 7 inch format has condensed the pressures of his sonic metallurgy into forming a discrete sound object more strikingly refractive and iridescent than may have ever been possible on a long playing record.

33rpm disc in an edition of 100 copies with full color labels, jacket and 7″ insert featuring artwork by Guido Hübner. Mastered by Jos Smolders.