Bill Seaman & Daniel Howe – Dispositions

ClientBill Seaman
DateOctober 2022

Bill Seaman Piano, synth, rhythm loops, abstractions and distortions via Ableton Live
Daniel C Howe Electric guitar through bespoke software (Pataclysm), played live-to-tape

Scott Dodd Double bass
Wei Ping Lin Violin
James Chu Clarinet
Jonas Braasch Horn
Owen Sidney Richardson Double & electric bass
Robert Ellis-Geiger Trumpet

Produced by Seaman and Howe
Album arrangements by Seaman
Mastering and additional mixing by Jos Smolders
Studio recordings by Volkmar Klien, Braasch, and Seaman

Special thanks to Matthias Rehling, Jos Smolders, Charles Chan, Diane To, Mimi Brown, Aya Karpinska, Annick Leung

OSCARSON No 40. 2022