Bill Seaman – A Background For The Hybrid Invention Generator

ClientBill Seaman

A computer-based language system exploring hybrid invention generation has been developedby Seaman working in conjunction with the programmer Gideon May. Initial research wasundertaken by a team from UCLA including Daksh Sahni – Architecture; Gustavo Rincon–Architecture; Kalim Chan – Design | Media Arts; Grace Tsai — Architecture; Craig Chun —Design | Media Arts and consultant Kostas Terzidis, PhD – Assistant professor in Architecture; with Seaman functioning as principle investigator. The project was primarily funded by Intel. This work explores 3D visualization with related generative texts and recombinant audio/music,as well as a series of textual descriptions. Computer-based environmental meaning is exploredthrough the inter-authorship and operative experiential examination of a diverse set of media-elements and media-processes, in this case focusing on the virtual construction of hybridinventions. Differing sets of media-elements in The Hybrid Invention Generator convey theirown fields of meaning through the juxtaposition of 3d models, texts and digital audio. Varyingcombinations of these fields of meaning are experienced through direct interaction with thesystem. Each participant will potentially have a different experience of this open work