Frank Crijns – Shade of Impulse

“Shade Of Impulse” is the first album for Frank Crijns on Moving Furniture Records.
For the music on this CD Crijns has coined the term “N-bient”: ambient that refers to nature (here Water) and acoustics (here passages by classical ensembles).
On the album several characters of sound collide, combine and interact with each other.
A “N-bient“ sound canvas of (mechanical) sound-fields, natural ambient, electronic textures and acoustic ensemble playing, all together merging into surreal textures.
In his own form of electro-acoustic music Frank Crijns knows to create an organic whole with abstract elements that challenge the listener to dive deeper in, while on the other hand creating a serene atmosphere.Biography:
Frank Crijns studied composition at the Rotterdam Conservatory with P.J. Wagemans and K. de Vries.His work as a composer can be divided in two parts:
1) Composing for soloists and modern music ensembles.
For example: Percussion ensemble Attacca, Andreas  more


released October 1, 2017

Sounds and music by Frank Crijns
Production by Frank Crijns and Danny Wieggers
Mastered by Jos Smolders at EARLabs
Photography by Remco Wullems
Artwork by Frank Crijns, Simon van Gerwen and Sietse van Erve