Starting up with Reaper

Considering moving to Reaper?

You have been working on music with ProTools? Or WaveLab? Or Logic? And the new license fee (again!?) threatens to make another big dent in your wallet?

Reaper’s license is dirt cheap, but you will need to learn the Reaper ropes and set up your workflow and you don’t have the time for that. You want to be on the road asap.

Being an almost native Reaper user, working with it since 2005, I have spent a lot of time on streamlining my workflow.

If you want to skip all those hours and be up and running in a few hours I can suppport you via a few online sessions and additional ad hoc personal hotline support.

Other Reaper questions?

Needless to say, but I’ll do it anyway: even when you’re already working with Reaper for quite a while, there are bound to be things that you’d like different, or faster, or not happening at all. Also needless to say: I will gladly help you out.