Special projects

Most projects are straight off mastering of a series of tracks. Which I treat with a lot of respect and TLC.

Sometimes though I am asked to master something special. A site specific work that needs translating to disc or a live performance that has been recorded but some of the mic recorded material needs polishing. And in a few cases I have been consultant to a production.

Being part of the think process is something I always enjoy so should you start with a project or if you are in the middle of one and you are not sure about what direction to take with your sound, then please contact me.

Translating the creative spark into a production

You may be considering a video project, a stage project, a concept album. Maybe you usually work with visual content and now want to combine it with audio? I have collaborated with visual artists, advising them about sound distribution, equalisation, adapting the audio content to fit with other content.

See a few examples of my collaboration projects with visual artists.