Rates, fees

Audio mastering

As you can see in the portolio on this site I have eearlabs logoxtensive experience in mastering for CD, vinyl, cassette tape and streaming. Although I am flexible when it comes to fees or rates some people have indicated that they like to see some kind of ballpark figure. Let’s say, I’m no Bob Katz. 🙂


Standard fee for mastering a complete album is 275 euros or 300 USD, regardless of the format. If this exceeds your budget please contact me. If you have an interesting project or idea then we will certainly work things out.

I can provide DDP masters if your pressing plant prefers those (small extra fee)

I always include a version for streaming (24bit/96khz) with the master for a fixed medium.


If you have only one track then the fee is 50 Euros for the first 5 minutes. Following periods of 5 minutes are 25 Euros.

If you own a LABEL please contact me so we can discuss special rates.

Audio restauration

I have extensive experience in the restauration of old material. Restoring ranges from digitizing old tape to denoising, decrackling vinyls when the masters have vanished or are beyond repair. I can restore and remaster and have done various projects in that area.
I have done various projects where work with tape material and restore it back to life.

Production advice

Sometimes you’re not sure whether you’re there or not. In that case it’s wise to have a pro have a listen to your music. An objective ear can tell you where to make final tweaking to get it right. For this work I ask a 50 euro (65 us dollars) fixed fee. Should you later decide to have me master the music, then this fee will be deducted from the quote I give you. After all, I’ve done the research for the mastering process already!