Rates & Services

Audio mastering


Standard fee for mastering a complete album is 275 euros or 300 USD, regardless of the format.

A mastering project includes a personal intake (after your initial e-mail), a quote if there are additional wishes, a few testrenders and a final master. I deliver masters that are tuned to your goals. A vinyl album requires slightly different master than a CD album. And streaming platforms have specific sound levels that are best taken care of already in the master.
I can provide DDP2.0 masters if you or your CD pressing plant prefers those (35 euros).  Read here why DDP is so useful!

I always include a version for streaming (24bit/96khz) with the master for a fixed medium.


If you have only one track or just a few for an EP, then the fee is 50 Euros for the first 5 minutes. Following periods of 5 minutes are 25 Euros.

Stem mastering

Stem mastering can lead to much better results than just a final mix. But it also requires more time because of the individual tracks that need attention. Please contact me for a personal quote about this.

Audio restauration

I have extensive experience in the restauration of old material. When you don’t have the original master of the earlier project we work with various sources to get the best source material available (world wide) and work from there.

The available source material is digitized, analyzed and restored digitally with high resolution software. I have access to professional reproduction equipment for the digitization of any format. Having been for years the mastering engineer for a label specialized in the re-release of early 1980s music has given me extensive experience in this area.

As you can understand there is no fixed price tag for this sort of operations. Usually after you contact me we have an online discussion about the project. After that I give you a quote for the analysis part and a ballpark figure for the rest of the project.

Production advice

Sometimes you’re not sure whether you’re there or not. In that case it’s wise to have a pro have a listen to your music. An objective ear can tell you where to make final tweaking to get it right. You send me the material after which we make an appointment to discuss my thoughts. I prefer to do this via a video conferencing tool (Facetime, Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc)

For this work I ask a 50 euro (65 us dollars) fixed fee.
Should you later decide to have me master the music, then this fee will be deducted from the quote I give you. After all, I’ve done the research for the mastering process already!