Philipp Bückle & Martijn Pieck – Field Reports

FIELD REPORTS is the first collaboration album of PHILIPP BÜCKLE and MARTIJN PIECK. After they were chosen to collaborate on an exclusive track for MOVING MUSIC, the MOVING FURNITURE RECORDS fundraiser compilation, they decided to stick together for a while and created an album’s worth of music that was finally finished in mid-2020.

PHILIPP BÜCKLE released several records under his TEAMFOREST moniker before dropping it for his own name in the 2010’s. Since then he had numerous albums released by Moving Furniture Records, Awkward Silence and NULL//ZONE. MARTIJN PIECK is best known for his work as CINEMA PERDU and has released several albums on Moving Furniture Records.

FIELD REPORTS is a collage of found sounds, field recordings and heavily treated modular synths. It’s basically a musical rendering of a fictitious urban world that just lingers on the other side of your door. It is a curious soundwalk through an environment that doesn’t exist.
You will come across landmarks, briefly meet people, hear the sounds of machines and glide through empty hallways mirroring the muffled sound of the outside world.

FIELD REPORTS never declines into a reality that is…  more


releases September 17, 2021

Mastered by Jos Smolders at EARLabs.
Artwork by Caro Mikalef for Espacio Cabina.