An Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music #3

This 3th volume continue to show all the aspects of electronic music from the early beginning until now – including 2 pieces of historical concrete music (of the 70’s), several piece of American tape music (Columbia University) with a special focus on all the electronic music from Germany – WDR early works – krautrock – electronic from 90’s… Also featuring some recent work of the greatest noise artists + several unsung electronic pioneers …

The third volume of seven published from 2001 to 2011, curated, noted and edited by Guy Marc Hinant.

If these shadows remain unchanged, putting a creative spin on your unsolicited auditory environment will prove more and more essential, as survival mechanisms go.
Sub Rosa’s anthologies of electronic dissonance and unanchored clatter don’t pretend to serve as comprehensive overviews. They host a good few of the composers who, from the mid-1900s on, have divorced “music” from traditional notions of rhythm and melody, thus coaxing it closer to the random bangs, cries and chimes of the great outdoors, but, of course, a lot gets left out. They’re best digested as tutorials on how to divine compelling art from seemingly random patterns of sonic cues. Make these tracks welcome in your own head – make your.